Innovation, Expertise & Appreciation

Ishita Overseas is leading International Business Company with its main focus on Perfume Fragrance and Natural Fragrance Oil. We focus our business to spread across the globe in a near future. Our management and sales team along with our worldwide agents, travel across the world regularly to improve and innovate our product. We are passionately devoted to increasing the sales and popularity of our varied range of Perfumery Fragrances and Natural Fragrance oils. We provide the products of superior service and quality. We produce the best, most authentic essential oils and absolutes in the world. Our products are made from the highest grade raw materials available, carefully selected, and controlled throughout the manufacturing process. We are committed to providing pure, powerful products for all, all infused with the life-changing benefits of our essential oils.


Ishita Overseas is a trusted and well-respected Player in this industry with a capacity to supply across the world. Experience can be the difference between a quality product arriving on-time and a claim. We have been in this business for many years and our sales team and management are well experienced seasoned traders each averaging experience of 3 to 5 years. We formulate and supply a wide array of quality perfumes catering to different target age groups. Our relationships are built strong with our client by providing them on time delivery, quality products, excellent service; and above all our fair, honest and loyal business dealings. The foundation of Ishita Overseas's lies in its knowledgeable & hard-working team that works directly with customers and suppliers to fulfill their requirements. Our team not only supports clients to provide appropriate products but also helps them manage logistics and develop new market for the products which helps to boost their profits. We utilize a worldwide network of experts that help to create a successful product for our customers.

Company Profile

Helping people in maintaining, pampering and revivifying themselves, we, Ishita Overseas are a prominent company in this industry serving quality oils and fragrances. As a prestigious businessman, supplier and exporter, our firm are making available quality Perfumes oils, natural oils like Almond Oil, Aroma Therapy Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Rose Water, Perfumery Fragrances, etc. The oil we offer not just nourishes hair & skin but is also an excellent stress buster. Our detailed knowledge of several traditional medicines development systems help us in figuring out the best plants and preparing quality hair & body care products. Further, we time to time bring changes in our products & policies to serve the best to respectable customers.

With customer satisfaction being of utmost importance to our firm, we strive to take on very measure which would help us in attaining this goal. Supported by a top of the line infrastructural facility, this division has some of the most advanced machines. Their precision-oriented working helps us in reaping the best out of our raw materials, thus minimizing the wastage aspect to zero.

Promoting the idea of living a healthy lifestyle, our essential oils would keep you de-stressed and happy at all times. Curing numerous ailments, these are the only products which would provide you with a 100 percent natural solution to all your problems. Find your escape from the perpetual tensed life through our range of oils and fragrances.