Innovation, Expertise & Appreciation

Ishita Overseas is leading International Business Company with its main focus on Perfume Fragrance and Natural Fragrance Oil. We focus our business to spread across the globe in a near future. Our management and sales team along with our worldwide agents, travel across the world regularly to improve and innovate our product. We are passionately devoted to increasing the sales and popularity of our varied range of Perfumery Fragrances and Natural Fragrance oils. We provide the products of superior service and quality.


Ishita Overseas is a trusted and well-respected Player in this industry with a capacity to supply across the world. Experience can be the difference between a quality product arriving on-time and a claim. We have been in this business for many years and our sales team and management are well experienced seasoned traders each averaging experience of 3 to 5 years. We formulate and supply a wide array of quality perfumes catering to different target age groups.

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Value Added Services

Globally industries are evolving at a rapid pace and are retaining a competitive edge. It is imperative to constantly explore and develop new and effective techniques and solutions. We combine industry knowledge with its trading activities, supply chain expertise through a its distribution and service centers and business skills through its network of professionals across the globe. The combination of these skills allows us the to generate tailor-made solutions and partnerships.

Supply Chain Management

We offer expertise in logistics, JIT inventory, spot and long-term contracting, manufacturing and toll manufacturing solutions to our business clients.

Communication and Attention to Detail

Providing excellent service to customers and suppliers through single point of contact. We aim at providing continuity and attention in every business deal.
Regulatory Compliance

Utilizing in-house counsel and our experience to conscientiously stay current on regulatory developments and meet requirements.
Market and Product Knowledge

Ishita Overseas provides relevant and timely market information. Team members are knowledgeable in their product lines assuring customers receive quality products.

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Ishita Oversea is managed by group of professionals who have hardcore specialized experience in National & International Business by virtue of working from the grass root level to top-level. As a result the business has emerged as a major player in the Indian market and is well recognized in major markets all across India and in the global markets. The Promoter & Chairman of the organization viz. Mr. Gagan Jindal is a learned professional carrying a vast experience of Business and dealer/distributorship management. He has a vast experience of 8 years in India in this business.

The key management professionals include learned Structured Finance professionals and Business specialists who procure requisite skill set into implementing and executing several path-breaking business ideas. The team has requisite Expertise in business development, with a proven acumen in conceptualizing and implementing high-value deals. Ishita Overseas is led by a dynamic group of individuals with many years of experience in their respective fields. Each business is led by an executive, and each region is led by a chief operating officer.